Tips on Keeping Your Workplace Organized

Do you have a difficult time staying organized at work? It can impact your mood, morale, and productivity. On the flip side, good organization can help you to better plan your day, stay on top of tasks, and meet your goals. Here are some tips for getting and keeping your workplace organized and productive.

How Can You Keep Your Workplace Organized?

Make lists.

Lists are one of the best ways to organize your day and your tasks. Prioritize them, whether you choose to write them down on paper or keep them in your phone or in another digital device. Before you begin each day, review your list and make sure know the priorities that require your attention and those that can wait.

Use a calendar.

Another similar organizational tool is your calendar. Whether you have a hard copy or a digital one, this will help you plan your months, weeks, days, and even afternoon or morning. Don’t ever trust your memory for important dates or tasks. Add it to your calendar, with an alert if necessary, so you don’t forget about it. You can even use long-term planning and scheduling software for big projects or tasks.

Create quiet time.

Sometimes, you need to work quietly without distraction. If you’re in a busy office, this can be hard to do. Set a time when you can close your door or put on headphones and simply focus. Then tackle your most demanding tasks, those that require more concentration. You’ll be able to work faster and more effectively.

Manage communications.

Don’t constantly check your emails, texts, and other notifications throughout your workday. This is a major time waster. Instead, aim to check them in the morning once, after lunch, and then in the afternoon. This way, you’re not constantly looking for updates and can more easily focus.

Improve comfort and reduce clutter.

Whether it’s getting a new chair or adding a plant or pictures of your family, you want a workspace that feels like your own. At the same time, if it’s messy and cluttered, it’s going to feel claustrophobic. So pare things down and organize and clean out your office space. You’ll be happier and more productive there, as well as more inspired.

Make organization a priority.

At the end of each day, look at your list and schedule for the next day. Spend a few minutes cleaning up your desk and office area and getting organized for the next day. Just 10 minutes at the end of each day can make a world of difference for the next day.


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