Making the Most of the New Year

Every new year brings new resolutions. From getting in shape to developing new habits, we all seek a fresh start in the new year. Making big steps in your career is no exception! We’ve compiled a couple of tips on making the most of the New Year with your career.


Everyone is always talking about communication – because it’s important! Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or just to move up in your current organization, communicating your goals is important. Do you feel you deserve more compensation? Schedule a meeting with your supervisor. Are you interested in training for a lead role? Express this to the higher-ups!

Chances are, your commitment to your growth and the company’s growth is going to impress those above you.


Commitment to your job is more than just showing up everyday. While attendance is crucial for any position, it’s the way you approach your position that shows your commitment to it. Work hard and ask questions about how to improve your skills and the overall processes of the company. Employers who see committed employees are quick to recognize and reward that commitment.


Do you feel that your current position is not where you would like to find yourself in 5 years? Do you imagine yourself thriving in another environment? Consider a career change. While “job hopping” is not an ideal characteristic that employers are looking for in a candidate, leaving for a better opportunity after establishing some longevity is understandable. Just don’t quit your job until you’ve secured a new one!


Whatever you’re looking for in your career, OneSource Staffing is here to help. Check out our available job opportunities or see what other advice we have available.

We wish you the best in 2023 and hope you’re making the most of the new year!

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