How to Stand Out from Other Warehouse Candidates

When you’re searching for a warehouse job, there’s a lot of competition. How can you stand apart and get a call for an interview? Here are some tips to help in your search.

How Can You Stand Out From Other Warehouse Candidates?

A clear, effective resume.

The first thing a hiring manager will see is your resume. It’s important to show a clear work history, in reverse chronological order, one that demonstrates you have the skills and background to get the job done. Once you’re done writing your resume, ask a trusted family member or friend to proofread it for clarity and ensure it’s reader-friendly.

Be professional.

If you do get a call for an interview, make sure you show up on time, bring copies of your resume, and dress in appropriate attire. You don’t want to leave the hiring manager uncertain about you by showing up late or being rude or discourteous to the receptionist. Instead, be prompt and treat everyone you come in contact with professionally.

Highlight technical and soft skills.

On your resume and during the interview, talk about the unique skills you bring to the table. This can be both technical in nature, like an OSHA forklift certification, as well as soft skills, such as communication and attention to detail. Be ready to give specific examples of these and why they are important in a manufacturing setting.

Talk about health and safety.

No matter what a company is producing, safety is always a top priority. Talking about your knowledge of safety and health regulations can therefore help you stand apart. Discuss your past experience following safety and health regulations and how you adhere to them in your current position.

Showcase computer or technology skills.

As automation is increasing in manufacturing, it’s important to showcase that you have the ability to learn new skills and take on different tech-related roles. Talk about how you’ve done so in the past, or are eager to do so in the future. The more tech-minded you are or are willing to be, the bigger your advantage over other candidates.

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