Ways to Keep Your Hiring Practices Inclusive

When you’re trying to build a more inclusive workplace, small steps can lead to big results. Here are some ways to make sure your hiring practices are inclusive, so you can build a strong, creative team that delivers dynamic results.

How Can You Keep Your Hiring Practices Inclusive?

Evaluate your careers website for diversity and inclusion.

When you’re looking to add diverse talent to your team, look to your company’s careers website. What does it reflect? If you want to attract movers and shakers, outside-the-box thinkers, and a more imaginative and inclusive team, then your website should reflect that. The image you’re portraying to the public is important and you want to show that it’s friendly to all.

Create a diverse hiring team.

Don’t leave all the hiring decisions in one person’s hands. Instead, create a team with different individuals across departments who can offer unique insight and feedback. This helps to avoid issues with unconscious bias and fosters more diversity throughout the entire hiring process, from the job description to the hiring decision.

Be mindful of your job postings.

Many times, a job posting is part of a template and an afterthought in the hiring process. However, if you want to find the right candidate and appeal to a broader base, you need to examine how your jobs are being marketed and presented. Finding a more diverse range of candidates starts with the job description, and you’ll need to not only write it differently, but post it in areas you might not have in the past, so you’re reaching a wider audience.

Leverage the power of technology.

There are many tools available to hiring managers to help with inclusion when hiring. They enable you to source candidates from broader pools and to assess your job postings for an unconscious bias. They also provide features to mask candidates, helping to eliminate bias during the selection process.

Get help from a professional staffing agency.

At OneSource Staffing Solutions, we can help you appeal to a broader base of candidates and find the one that’s best suited to your needs, whether you’re in PA, NY, IL, or FL, one that enhances your team in new and exciting ways. Contact us today to find out how.

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