Why Workplace Culture is Important to Any Successful Organization

When it comes to your workplace culture, it plays a big role in your ability to attract and retain the best people. When you have a positive, healthy one, your team will enjoy coming to work each day and strive to do their best. If, however, your culture could use some work, it can not only impact retention, but also productivity, customer satisfaction, and even profits.

It’s why investing in your company culture makes good business sense. Some ways to do that include:

Why Is Culture So Important in The Workplace?

Establishing a clear vision.

Make sure your employees are all on the same page in terms of the company’s vision and mission. Post about these details on your website, in company newsletters and blogs, and throughout other communications. Other important areas to discuss often include core values, so your team understands the standards they should be working toward.

Setting goals and expectations.

Clarifying your team’s focus and each employee’s individual goals can go a long way in creating a healthy culture. Work with each staff member to create a structured career path that takes into account their goals, interests, and abilities.¬†Also, meet with them to ensure they know how their individual efforts play a part in the company’s bigger picture, so they feel like their contributions matter.

Communicating openly and often.

If your employees are often left in the dark, it creates a culture of mistrust and fear. Instead, communicate openly and often with them, both individually, as well as part of the team. Encourage your employees to voice their opinions, and share their thoughts and frustrations. When they feel heard, they’ll also feel more valued, which can give your culture a boost.

Leading by example.

Don’t say one thing and then do another. Set the example that you expect your employees to follow. Make sure if you encourage open communication, that your door is also open and you make time for employees when they need to discuss a matter. If, however, you don’t “walk the walk,” so to speak, then you’ll lose employee trust and respect, leading to a loss in productivity and engagement.

Rewarding hard work.

If employees feel under-appreciated or ignored, it can lead to a negative workplace culture and higher rates of turnover. Instead, praise employees for excellence and a job well done in a timely manner. Whether it’s through tangible rewards, like a bonus or extra vacation days, or simply stopping by their desk to thank them, employee recognition should be a priority.

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