Why Open Communication is Important with Candidates

When you’re hiring, you’re focused on finding the best-fit candidate. However, it’s also important to ensure you’re communicating with them regularly. In fact, today’s best candidates expect open and routine communication with hiring managers and recruiters. So if you don’t provide it, you could lose out on your next star hire.

Why Communication is Important with Candidates

Not only that, but regular communication with candidates can also provide you with a range of advantages, including:

  • Learning more about each candidate. As you communicate more often, you can gain deeper insight into each candidate, which can inform your hiring decision.
  • Improving your employer brand. When you become an employer that’s known for a good candidate experience and plenty of communication, it has a positive impact on your employer brand.
  • Sharpening your competitive edge. When a top candidate has applied to your company as well as for a role at your competition, providing regular communication is an excellent way to stand out.
  • Promoting a positive culture. When you are communicating with candidates in a routine way, it not only provides a better candidate experience but also sends a positive message about what working for your company is like.

Tips for Communicating With Candidates

You’re busy, and communicating with candidates can certainly pose a challenge and put you in a time crunch. But doing so doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call them and have a lengthy conversation. A quick email or even text is perfectly acceptable.

In addition, with today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to communicate to a specific candidate, as well as many candidates applying for the same position, whether it’s through an applicant tracking system, social media, or email marketing. These are also excellent tools for staying in touch with those candidates who were skilled and experienced, but not a fit for the current role. They might be the right fit for your next job opening, so staying connected with them is key.

Get Help Communicating with Candidates

Don’t have the time or the team to keep candidates in the loop? Let OneSource Staffing Solutions help. As a leading staffing agency, we can handle the sourcing, screening, recruiting, interviewing – and communicating –  while you focus on other business priorities. Let us help you find your next great hire, while also helping you build a positive employer brand. Contact us today to get started.

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