Are You Offering a Good Candidate Experience With Your Hiring Practices?

When you’re hiring, you’re focused on the quality and potential of each candidate. However, are you also ensuring a good experience with your company for them? There are many ways that employers inadvertently send the wrong message to candidates, turning them off in the process. This can cause you to lose out on top talent and the best-fit individuals for your team. To avoid this, make sure you’re not making these following mistakes.

What Candidate Experience Are You Offering With Your Hiring Practices?

Making it hard to apply.

Too many times, application forms are cumbersome, or job descriptions are lengthy with a huge list of requirements. This can make candidates think twice about applying. Instead, focus on writing a clear, compelling, and concise job description. Also, keep your application process short and simple. Use phone screens to learn more about those individuals who seem like a good fit, and then create a short list of the most qualified candidates to conduct an interview with.

Posting jobs that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Most job seekers these days are using devices to find and apply to job postings. If your job postings are not mobile friendly, then you’re missing out on a big portion of potential candidates. Make sure that all your postings, along with your career website, are optimized for all devices, from computers to tablets and phones. Also, make it easy for candidates to apply using their phone.

Poor communication during the interview process.

When candidates are left in the dark after they apply or post-interview, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Prevent this by creating auto replies for resume submissions that explain the next steps of the process. If you do interview a candidate, make sure you’re keeping them informed about the process, so they know what to expect and when.

Let them know right away if they didn’t get the offer and if the process is taking longer than expected, keep them in the loop with regular touchpoints. These small details can go a long way in personalizing the hiring process and making it more positive for candidates.

Expecting large time commitments from applicants.

When you’re hiring candidates, you want to thoroughly evaluate each one. However, don’t expect four or five interviews and require the completion of a long, complicated project to test their abilities. This is unrealistic and will set a negative tone with a candidate. Instead, stick to one or two interviews and, if a candidate makes it to the shortlist, verify references and give them a simple skills test or project that allows you to assess their abilities.

Details matter when it comes to the candidate hiring experience. It’s why it’s important to invest some time and effort into reviewing your hiring process and ensuring it’s welcoming, inclusive, and easy to apply. This way, you’ll attract top talent and be able to hire the smart, hard-working people you need.

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