What to Do After Being Rejected for a Job

Getting rejected for the job you wanted is painful. It’s tough to hear the “no,” especially when you thought you were a shoo-in and pictured yourself on the job already. If you’re working in a competitive market, it can be even more disappointing. However, before you get too dejected and deflated, here are some tips for picking up the pieces.

What’s Next After Being Rejected for a Job?

Pause for a beat.

It’s okay to take a moment to process the rejection. You don’t have to immediately start applying to new jobs that day. Pause for a day or two to deal with the many feelings that are likely coming from the rejection.

Keep in mind you’re not alone.

Everyone has been rejected at one time or another. This does not mean you are unqualified or a poor fit for a company. It simply means that one opportunity didn’t work out. It happens to everyone and can be a good opportunity to read a book about setbacks, or start listening to a motivational podcast. These can help you get back out there and return to your job search stronger and more upbeat.

Be professional.

Despite feelings of anger, rejection, or deflation, do not lash out at the hiring manager. Instead, make sure you respond to the rejection email or phone call in a way that is professional. Thank them for their time and ask for feedback as to why you didn’t win the role. They may or may not give it, but it’s worth asking.

Learn from mistakes.

Sometimes, jobs don’t work out for various reasons. The company could have decided to promote someone from within, or hired a candidate that was referred to them. However, if there is a misstep you made in the process, learn from it. Whether you weren’t prepared for a certain question during the interview or didn’t submit a customized resume, make sure you learn from these mistakes and don’t repeat them.

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