Navigate Staffing Challenges with Confidence

There’s a lot at stake when you’re recruiting and hiring for your team. You need to find talented professionals with the right technical skills, as well as the soft skills and personality to fit with your company culture. Today’s best candidates are also highly in demand, making the competition fierce for top-notch new hires. How can you tackle staffing in the year ahead with confidence? Below are a few tips to help:

How Can You Navigate Staffing Challenges?

Plan it out.

Don’t hire in haste. Plan out the year ahead when it comes to staffing. Look back at last year’s staffing needs and challenges, as well as this year’s demands, seasonal fluctuations, and other factors that will impact hiring and staffing in 2024. When you start to identify gaps, patterns, and trends, you can formulate a plan to ensure a smoother hiring process.

Tap temporary staffing.

If your company has fluctuations in your business, then temporary or contract staffing can be an excellent resource for you. You can get the people you need to fill gaps when demand is high. When it’s not, you can simply rely on your core staff to get the job done. In the meantime, you don’t have to add to your fixed overhead costs while remaining agile, scaling up or down as needed.

Communicate with managers.

Keep the lines of communication open with managers in your company. Make sure you’re touching base regularly and checking about their current or future staffing needs. When you spot a potential issue or gap before it actually happens, you can address it more effectively with quality people, rather than rushing the hiring process.

Monitor and adjust course.

With today’s many software platforms, it’s easy to stay on top of metrics, like staffing levels, attendance, labor costs, and more. Regularly monitor these different levels, so you can make decisions driven but data. This will help you hire with confidence and build a strong, successful team.

Need more help hiring with confidence?

Contact OneSource Staffing Solutions. As a leading staffing agency serving communities across Pennsylvania, like Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, and Scranton, we can help you develop a strategic staffing plan and hire with confidence, so you have optimal staffing levels at all times. Find out more!

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