How to Maximize Career Growth

When you manage your role day in and out without trying to learn and grow, your job will eventually become boring and your career stagnant. While you might be happy in your current role, you should still be working toward getting ahead by taking proactive steps. These will make you a more valuable employee to your company and a more marketable candidate if you do decide it’s time for a change. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of growth and development so you can get ahead in your career.

How Can You Maximize Career Growth?

Build a solid network.

When you have people in your network, you can reach out to during times of career change or as a sounding board, it can help you to evolve in a positive direction. Networking can even give you access to the hidden job market with jobs that aren’t publicly advertised. So work intentionally toward building up meaningful connections with other professionals. Your dream job might fall into your lap this way!

Always be learning.

Even if you have decades of experience, you should still aim to be learning and gaining new skills. Whether you’re interested in enrolling in a class, reading industry or work-related books regularly, or taking advantage of all the training and development opportunities your company offers, you will sharpen existing skills and gain new ones.

Earn a professional designation.

When you have a designation, whether it’s a certain license or certificate, it makes you a more critical asset to your company. Getting certified in areas where you have professional competency also gives you more access to opportunities in your field. For instance, if you’re a project manager, work toward earning your PMP, or Project Management Professional certification. It will give you an edge with your current employer and potential new ones.

Find a volunteer opportunity.

Another way to get ahead in your career is to volunteer. Find an organization where you can put your skills to use to learn and grow, while helping others. Not only will you improve and expand your skill set, but also increase your network in your community. Before you take on a role, though spend some time identifying what kinds of professional goals you’d like to focus on, so you can find an opportunity to volunteer that will help you hone the right skills. It will look great on your resume!

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