Management Tips for Times of Uncertainty

Navigating through change isn’t always easy, especially when you’re running a company. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the mix, and it can be hard to get buy-in from your team. This can lead to disruption and stress, impacting morale and productivity in the process. To help you manage your way through change easier, here are a few tips to follow so you don’t feel as overwhelmed or ill-equipped.

What Tips Can Help You During Times of Uncertainty?

Step away from perfectionism.

As a leader, you might strive toward perfectionism. Yet, in today’s shifting economy, combined with remote working, the Great Resignation, and the exodus of Baby Boomers, it’s a mindset you have to let go of. To do that, identify what triggers your fears and what areas you tend toward perfectionism. Oftentimes, leaders report being afraid of making a bad decision or looking incompetent to their team. But by loosening your grips on certain areas, so you can still get work done well, not perfectly.

Be comfortable with uncertainty.

Most people hate uncertainty. But it’s here to stay, which is why it’s important for you, as a leader, to get comfortable with it. When you’re comfortable with it, you can make sound decisions and also communicate more clearly and effectively with your team. You’ll also send them the signal that you’re a confident, strong leader, which will help to reduce their anxiety about change.

Ask for help.

Leaders can sometimes be afraid to ask for help out of a fear of looking weak or not having the “right” answer. This is another mindset you need to work to avoid. Getting help, whether it’s by delegating tasks to others or working with a mentor or career coach, will allow you to feel supported, encouraged, and more motivated when you’re facing a lot of change. This can be imperative in helping you remain positive and enthusiastic and also help you see the big picture so you make the best decisions.

Work to understand the source of problem.

When situations are changing or problems arise, it’s easy to go into fix-it mode. However, a knee-jerk reaction might not be the right one. Oftentimes, though, leaders become frustrated when they can’t solve a problem fast. Work intentionally instead to find out the source of the problem, fully understand all aspects of it, and think about any biases you might have. This will help you see the big picture and come up with more effective solutions that are a win for your team.

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