What Being a Self-Starter Can Do For You At Work

Want to get ahead in your career? Being a self-starter at work is a big part of the process. Not only do self-starters set and achieve more goals, but they stand out to company management, as a result.

When it comes to being a self-starter, there are certain traits that are common, such as confidence, drive, and ambition. However, even if you think you’re not much of a self-starter now, there are ways you can become one with a little time and effort. This includes by:

What Benefits Are There of Being A Self-Starter?

Setting goals.

Set goals at the start of each day and on a weekly or even monthly basis. Make sure you are prioritizing them and achieving them in a timely manner. When you reach your goals consistently, your boss will take notice. If there are other areas where tasks need to be done, so company goals are achieved, volunteer to help out.

Taking initiative.

Don’t be afraid to seek out new challenges and take initiative in different areas at work. If there are processes you think need a change, for instance, then come up with a solution and present it to your boss. If a co-worker is having trouble completing a certain task, take the initiative and offer to help them finish it successfully.

Managing tasks.

Part of good task management is avoiding procrastination. So even if there is a job you don’t want to do, give yourself a timeline in which to tackle it. Even if you have to start small and just work on it a little each day, before you know it, it will be done and behind you. At the end of each day, make sure you’re also prepping for the following day with a to-do list.

Taking on challenges, even uncomfortable ones.

Learn to love a good challenge even if it means you have to step outside your comfort zone. When you meet a challenge with a positive attitude and deliver a good outcome, you’ll not only expand your skill set and grow in confidence, you’ll impress your boss, too.

So if you’re asked to do something new or different, don’t decline simply because you’re uncomfortable. Embrace new situations, aim to meet different people, and make improvements to the way you work. Taking some risks can advance your career in a way you didn’t expect.

Don’t focus on mistakes or failure.

You’re going to make mistakes and that’s a great way to learn a lesson. So don’t worry about failing by taking on new challenges and stepping outside your comfort zone. Instead, look for ways to learn more from it all and use these lesson as steppingstones toward career success.

Once you’re a self-starter, you’re going to be a more valuable team player and more marketable next time you’re looking for a new job. Managers know that those who are self-starters can get the job done without a lot of supervision and have the confidence to make decisions and resolve conflicts, all for the best possible outcome.

Are you a self-starter looking to make a career change?

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