Ghosted? What You Can Do as a Recruiter

More and more employers today are reporting candidate ghosting. This is simply when a candidate falls off the map completely and you can’t get a hold of them. In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, 95% of recruiters report being ghosted.

In most cases, the candidate either got another job offer or had second thoughts about the position. Either way, not hearing back is frustrating and creates more work for you. The good news? There are some steps to avoid being ghosted in the first place, including the following:

What Can You Do to Prevent Candidate Ghosting?

Be open with candidates.

When you’re hiring, communicate openly and often with candidates. Let them know what to expect and about the next steps in the process, along with the timeline for making a hiring decision. Respond in a reasonable timeframe to any communications they send your way. If you decide they’re not the right fit, let them know as soon as possible, so they can continue with their job search.

Make applying easier.

When the online application process is complicated or you have round after round of interviews, it’s overwhelming for candidates. They want a simple, straightforward process when it comes to finding a new job.

So streamline your hiring approach wherever you can. Make sure your online application is simple, conduct phone screens to filter out weak candidates, and only conduct one to two in-person interviews to speed up the process.

Implement automated solutions.

If you’re getting hundreds of applications and resumes, it’s hard to keep up. In these cases, use an automated solution that can help you stay in touch with candidates. Just a simple email acknowledging receipt of their application or resume can go a long way in establishing a more positive experience for candidates.

Create a candidate-focused process.

In the past, employers tended to focus on their needs. However, the hiring process should be a two-way street. Strive to learn about each candidate’s goals and expectations in terms of their next career move. When you get to know them as an actual person, and not just another candidate, you’ll create a more comfortable relationship and be less likely to get ghosted.

While candidate ghosting has definitely become a trend, you can avoid it by taking a few of the steps above. Even if you don’t end up hiring a particular individual, when you treat each candidate with respect and communicate often, you will establish a positive relationship and can keep them in your candidate pipeline for future hiring needs.

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