How Technology Has Changed the Interview Process

Searching for a new job? If it’s been a while since your last search, you might be surprised by just how much the process has changed, even in just the past few years. How can you prepare so you know what to expect? Here are a few areas to keep in mind.

In What Ways Has Technology Changed The Interview Process?

Social media.

If you apply to a company and they’re interested in bringing you in for an interview, chances are the hiring manager will research your background online. They won’t simply stick to LinkedIn. They’ll look across all social media platforms to get a better sense of who you are. If you have any unprofessional images or posts, this can actually sabotage your search. Now’s the time to remove them.

Texting with hiring managers.

First, it was phones, then emails, and now texts. More and more hiring managers are using text messaging to stay in touch with candidates. So if a hiring manager texts you, don’t be surprised, whether to schedule an interview or to confirm an interview time. Just like everyone else, they find it easier to keep in touch.

Interview scheduling software.

Many employers today use software to schedule interviews. This helps to avoid the frustrating – and often stressful – back and forth of trying to schedule an interview. It also puts the control in your hands and allows you to see the time slots available, then book the interview time that is best for you.

Video interviews.

Instead of going to an office for an interview, you might simply get a link to an online platform, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, where the interview will be conducted. If you’ve never had a video interview before, this can take some getting used to.

For instance, you’ll want to make sure you are in a quiet space without distraction and have a professional-looking background. Also, check the link and make sure you can login ahead of time, before the start of the interview, so you can troubleshoot any issues.


While some things have changed for job searches, others have stayed the same. And that includes networking. It’s still the best way to find a new job. So if one interview or opportunity doesn’t work out, take advantage of all technology offers and get online to network, whether it’s through LinkedIn or an industry forum.

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