What Benefits Do Employees Care Most About?

Wondering about benefits and which are most important to employees? It’s important to understand this because it might be different from what you think. What employees want in terms of benefits can also vary by age, gender, income, life stage and so much more. So there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to your benefits package.

Yet, these play a key role in attracting and retaining top talent, which is why offering the best-fit ones is critical to the success of your company. To help you make sure your benefits check all the boxes for employees and candidates, here are a few to put at the top of your priority list.

What Benefits Do Employees Want?

Health insurance.

Health benefits top the list, which isn’t a surprise. Most employees want more than just the basics, though. They want a robust medical, dental, and vision plan where they can access resources, such as mental health professionals, chiropractic care, and other services beyond critical care.

Paid parental / family leave.

The pandemic highlighted just how critical paid family leave is to so many employees, whether it’s to recover from an illness or care for a loved one during one. When a company offers a generous policy, employees take notice and candidates are more likely to consider offers.

Generous vacation time.

Employee burnout is real, and when you offer a generous vacation policy, then you’re communicating that you value your people and encourage time for rest and relaxation. This also gives your staff the chance to take time off for special events beyond just a vacation, such as the birth of a grandchild.

Flexible / remote work.

Despite shutdowns being behind us, employees still want to work from home if they have a job that enables them to. If you’re able to provide remote work opportunities or even a hybrid schedule, then you’ll be able to hire and retain higher-caliber candidates.

Tuition reimbursement.

Another benefit that can be a game-changer for new hires and employees is tuition reimbursement. This can enable you to attract the best and brightest, while giving employees the chance to get ahead financially. It’s a win for you both.

When it comes to these benefits, make sure you are promoting them during the hiring process. Candidates might not realize all you offer if you don’t discuss it in the job posting or during the interview process. It could be the difference between getting your top choice candidate and the next best one.

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