Ways to Make a Good Impression On Your Job Application & Stand Out From the Crowd

Your job application is your ticket into the interview process. However, if you’re not getting any calls, it’s hard to know why. To help you make a strong impression and stand apart from other candidates, here are some tips to incorporate into your resume and application materials.

How to Make a Good Impression On Your Job Application

Carefully read through the job posting.

Before you submit your resume or application, re-read the job posting. Then highlight the requirements, key skills, and traits the hiring manager is looking for. Next, think through your background, skills, and abilities that are most relevant. Connect the dots in your resume, cover letter, and application documents. Make it easy for the hiring manager to understand why you’re a good fit.

Customize your job application.

Don’t submit the same application and resume to every employer. Instead, tailor each one to the specific job you’re applying to. Make sure you are highlighting the accomplishments and abilities you have that are the most important for that particular job. This requires more effort, but will lead to better results.

Format your resume, so it’s easy to read.

Hiring managers only spend a few seconds scanning through each. It’s why you also need to format yours properly so it’s simple to read through. Make sure you have a one-inch margin, your name and contact information at the top, bolded job titles and former and current employers, and then bullet points with your past duties and accomplishments.

Use a Summary of Qualifications at the top.

This is another way to pull out and highlight the top 3-5 skills or accomplishments that are most pertinent to the position. Since you’re placing this under your name – and front and center on your resume – the hiring manager won’t miss it and will quickly know if you’re the right fit.

Keep details short.

Don’t send a three-page resume or include all your job duties and past positions. Keep your resume short, focusing on providing a snapshot of your most relevant work history. Include only 3-5 bullet points under each position. Where you can, talk about what you achieved on the job. A proven track record with facts and figures will further help you stand out.

Proofread everything.

Before you send in your resume, cover letter or even just email the hiring manager, make sure you proofread everything. A small typo or mistake could be the difference between a call for an interview and getting ignored.

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