What to Do When Your Job Posting Isn’t Attracting Qualified Candidates

Want to avoid hiring mistakes and find the right-fit new employee? It all starts with a clear and compelling job posting. This will impact your ability to attract the best candidates – good, bad, ugly, or in-between. Here are some tips to keep in mind to upgrade your job postings, so they work more effectively for you.

How Can You Attract Qualified Candidates?

Include needs not wants.

Too often, job postings become a long-winded, cumbersome list of wants for the job. Keep yours short and sweet and only include the must-have requirements. Then make sure you include a statement that “only candidates with these requirements should apply.” This will filter out those who aren’t qualified.

Promote perks.

If you’re trying to attract higher caliber candidates, don’t simply focus on your hiring needs. Discuss why a candidate would want to work for your company, such as advancement opportunities, excellent health care benefits, the ability to work remotely, or tuition reimbursement.

List a salary range.

Many times, employers skip talking about salary until the interview. However, applicants want to know at least the ballpark salary for the job. If you want to attract the right-fit candidates, from the start and avoid dozens of resumes from unqualified candidates, include this in your job posting. You’ll attract candidates who have expectations in line with what you’re willing to offer.

Get help from an existing employee.

If you have someone on staff in a similar job, ask them for help with the posting. They can offer you more insight into what it’s really like to work in the position and which skills and personality traits are critical. You’ll write a posting that is tailored around the actual job and more targeted as a result.

Give an assignment.

For instance, in your job posting, ask candidates to answer a question about the company, or to explain one reason why they’re interested in the role in their cover letter. You can skip the generic applications and get more candidates who are truly interested in the job.

Optimize it with keywords.

Make sure your job posting is optimized using keywords that a candidate would use to search for jobs like yours. This way, your position is more likely to rank higher with search engines, making your post more visible to candidates.

Make it mobile-friendly.

Is your job posting easy to read on a computer and a cell phone, or other device? Creating mobile-friendly postings is important to attract today’s tech-driven candidates. If yours is hard to read or the process to apply is cumbersome using a mobile device, then you’ll lose out on quality candidates.

Get expert help with your job postings.

At OneSource Staffing Solutions, we offer staffing services to companies all over PA, FL, NY and IL. We can help with all aspects of hiring, from strategy to sourcing, screening and, of course, your job postings. Find out more by contacting us today.

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