Build a Great Employer Brand & Get Great Employees

Hiring great candidates is key to company success. One secret to getting there is building a compelling employer brand. The best people want to work for companies with great employer brands, ones that align with their personal values and beliefs. What does your brand say about your company? If you’re not sure, here are some ways to improve and refine it, so it’s a match for the kinds of candidates you’re trying to attract.

How Can You Build a Great Employer Brand?

Be a good employer.

You can have the best tagline, smart, polished social profiles, and innovative promotional materials. However, if you don’t treat employees well, candidates will find out. It’s why you need to go beyond a logo or a slogan to build a strong employer brand and look inward to do that. From employee policies to benefits, salaries, and more, make sure you’re giving your people your best.

Make your values prominent.

Whatever your company values, vision, and mission are, make sure these are prominent on the homepage of your website, through social media profiles, in blog posts, and wherever else there’s the opportunity to position your company. This will help you to attract the candidates who are the best fit for your culture.

Share stories and humanize your company.

Another way to build a strong employer brand is to make your employees the face of it. Ask employees to be brand advocates on their social media profiles. Also, find out if they are willing to author blog posts or be featured in a video spotlighting your company and what’s great about working there. The more you can bring your company to life through the people who work there, the better results you’ll achieve with your hiring efforts.

Focus on what makes your company unique.

Can employees bring pets to work? Do you offer tuition reimbursement? Is a flexible schedule a perk? Whatever makes your company unique, broadcast it on your website and in job postings. This speaks volumes as to the kind of employer you are and what you makes you stand apart from other companies.

Know what employees and candidates expect.

In some cases, it’s different from one generation to the next. So, if you’re looking to recruit entry-level applicants, for instance, make sure you know what’s important to them. What do they want in their first job? What perks or benefits will resonate with them? And what kind of language should you use in postings to attract them? Tailor your messaging to your audience, so you can compel the right-fit people to apply.

Be transparent.

Don’t promote a benefit or perk, like a mentoring program or internal promotions, if you really don’t offer it. Be transparent and honest about everything you communicate to candidates, including during interviews. If you’re not truly open with them about the challenges and benefits that come with the role, then they might be caught off guard if hired.

Do you need help promoting your employer brand and attracting the best-fit people?

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