The Key to Retaining Top Talent in Manufacturing

Even one employee leaving can impact operations. It’s why retention is key and should be a focus of every manufacturer. What’s more is that the demand for workers in manufacturing is only slated to increase. This translates into a more competitive recruiting environment for companies. To avoid high turnover and keep retention strong, keep these tips in mind.

How Can You Retain Top Manufacturing Talent?

Keep compensation at the forefront.

There are many different benefits that are attractive to employees and candidates. However, generous compensation is still #1. The more you can offer, the better. Not only do employees want good pay, but also excellent health benefits, a 401K program, paid family leave, and bonuses based on performance.

Focus on healthy company culture.

Another important area to focus on is the company culture. Employees want to go to work each day to a positive and rewarding place. They don’t want drama, uncertainty, a lack of proper safety protocols, and poor leadership. Instead, focus on providing workers with a healthy culture that nurtures and engages them, keeps them safe on the job, and shows appreciation for their contributions.

Know what matters to employees.

In addition to compensation, it’s also important to understand your employees and what matters to them. For instance, for some, they want training, development, and opportunities for advancement. Others want a flexible schedule. Get to know your people, their unique siltations, and what’s important to them, so you can use that information to drive retention.

Provide clear goals and expectations.

When employees don’t know what you expect from them, or goals keep shifting, it leads to frustration, disengagement, and eventually, turnover. It’s why setting clear goals for each employee, as well as for the team as a whole, is key. Create realistic deadlines and routine check-ins to ensure your people are on track.

Offer regular feedback.

Go beyond one annual performance review. Instead, make feedback an ongoing conversation with employees, one where you’re setting goals and expectations together. You can also give them feedback on areas that need improvement before an issue escalates. At the same time, you can encourage and reward them for positive performance. Your people are more likely to grow and gain key skills when they get regular feedback from you on what you need from them.

Need help filling gaps in manufacturing?

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