How Can You Maximize Your Job Search

Finding a new job is exciting, stressful, and scary all at once. How can you make the most of your efforts? Here are some tips for strategizing your search and finding a new job that’s a great fit for you.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Job Search

Take a targeted approach to your search.

Don’t just search for any job that sounds like a fit or is similar to what you already do. Instead, take a step back and evaluate what kind of new role you truly want. Do some research on existing job openings and think through which ones sound most interesting and exciting to you. Then create a list of the essentials you’re looking for in a new role and the deal breakers. This will help you focus your search, so it’s more effective.

Optimize your resume and social profiles.

Most companies today use technology to find and screen potential candidates. It’s where keywords come in. When you have the right keywords in your resume and on your LinkedIn profile, the best fit employers are more likely to find you or give you a call for an interview.

To do that, review job postings you’re interested in and use keywords and phrases in them throughout your resume and on social media profiles. This will optimize them for employers and recruiters.

Network online and in person.

Networking is still a vital tool in the job seeker’s toolbox. If you hate cocktail party meet and greets, though, there’s good news for you. There are many online opportunities for you to network in forums and on websites that are targeted to your field. You can build your reputation as a thought leader, connect with others in your industry, and stay on top of the latest trends, all while searching for new opportunities.

Set up alerts for new jobs.

Applying as soon as possible actually does play a part in getting called for an interview. Create job alerts using keywords, so you’re notified immediately of new openings that fit your criteria. You can use job titles, salary ranges, locations, remote work, and other criteria to set the attributes, so you’re only notified of jobs that are a match for you.

Turn to an employment agency for help.

The recruiters at an employment agency can assist you in many ways. They can act as a guide as you navigate your way through the job search. They can help you identify clear goals and the types of companies that are a fit for you. They can even give you access to the hidden job market and opportunities that aren’t always advertised.

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