Know the Job You Applied For

Know the Job You Applied For

When browsing job board websites or search engines for jobs you are entering in keywords pertaining to that job, your skillset and the area/city you would like to be working in or near. So, it would make sense that when an employer calls you to discuss the job and your resume (a phone interview) or to then set up an in-person interview, they would like to make sure you are in the know about the position from the job post you applied to! an employer pays attention to those things. Keeping track of the job (name, some details, etc.) will help you feel confident in discussing the skills you have pertaining to that job.


How to Keep Track: Tips

  1. Keep a note pad or note book specifically for keeping track of the jobs you apply to. Job title, Location, Salary, and some required skills or details about the job that stand out.
  2.  Not into pen and paper? Use a notes app. on your phone and be prepared for those calls wherever you are!
  3. Use folders on your computer to save the job postings/descriptions for easy access when the employer calls. They don’t mind waiting a minute for you to get prepared.

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