The Importance of a Good Onboarding Strategy to Prevent Employee Ghosting

Ghosting is becoming increasingly common for employees. They connect with a candidate who’s a good fit and a potential new hire, only for that individual to cut off contact and seemingly disappear. It’s no surprise considering employers have been ghosting candidates for years. The question now is: how can you prevent if from happening when you’re hiring?

It’s important to have a strategy to prevent this because ghosting costs time and money – not only in the hiring process, but the onboarding one too. In fact, according to a report by Indeed, one in five new hires just don’t show up for their first day on the job.

To help you avoid the cost and frustration that comes with ghosting, here are some tips to improve your onboarding process.

How Can You Prevent Employee Ghosting?

Stay in contact with new hires.

When a new employee is hired, and there’s some time between their hire date and start date, keep in contact with them. Make sure they have one point of contact to reach out to with questions or concerns. Beyond that though stay in touch. Reach out with any administrative paperwork they can fill out ahead of time. Check-in to see how they’re doing and if they need anything from you. And stay engaged with them, so you start to forge a bond, reducing the chance of getting ghosted.

Respond to them promptly.

If they do reach out with a question, respond as quickly as you can. Make them a priority. If they don’t hear back in a timely manner, it might set the wheels in motion, leading them to wonder about their decision to accept the offer. You can even text the candidate back if you’re in the middle of a meeting or unavailable and let them know you will call them back shortly.

Set realistic expectations.

Let them know ahead of time what to expect the first day, first week, and first few months on the job. Send them an agenda of what’s planned for the first day. Give them details like where to park, where to enter the building, and other information, cutting down on any uncertainty. Also, explain to them what to expect in terms of employee training. Again, you’re not only setting expectations but also starting to build a relationship, which will minimize the chance of being ghosted.

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