Job Satisfaction: A Win-Win For Managers and Employees

The workplace has changed dramatically in the past few years. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, it can be hard to keep up. However, one area companies should always be focused on – today, tomorrow, and down the line – is employee satisfaction.

What is a Win-Win for Managers and Employees?

Why is employee satisfaction important?

When employees are happy on the job, it’s more than a win for them. It’s a win for you too. It means workers will be more productive on the job, make the extra effort to ensure customers are happy, are committed to career and company goals, act as an advocate for your company, and remain loyal to you, so there’s less turnover.

However, satisfaction involves more than just salary and benefits. It also includes workload, flexibility, career development, recognition, and other factors. How important each of these are depends on the specific person. For instance, flexibility might be more vital to someone with a young family, while retirement benefits are at the top of the list for an older work.

The question is: how do you understand the preferences of all those different employees? The best way is by surveying your people. When you do, you can get insight into what is important to each employee, rather than making assumptions. You can then identify challenges and opportunities and work toward a more engaged and satisfied team.

In the process, some areas to focus on include:

  • Workplace culture. Are employees happy with the overall culture? Is the environment physically clean and comfortable? Do they like coming to work each day? Are they comfortable in the workplace sharing feedback and ideas?
  • Pay and benefits. These are obviously essential to all employees. However, there is some flexibility in terms of which perks and benefits, beyond health care, are most important. Make sure you know and can offer the right-fit benefits program for your team.
  • Leadership style. Do your employees feel trusted, respected and recognized by their manager? Are they offered growth opportunities or new challenges? Do they feel they’re being underutilized or overworked?
  • Job expectations and goals. Is their job interesting and challenging to them? Do they enjoy their work? Do they see a clear path forward in their career with the company?

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