How to Discuss Your Previous Jobs in an Interview

During a job interview, one of the common questions that will likely come your way is about your past experience. Employers want to know what you did in previous roles and the results you achieved. This means going beyond talking about tasks and responsibilities – but also offering specific examples of accomplishments.

To help you nail your interview answer for this question, here are three simple tips to keep in mind.

How to Discuss Previous Jobs in an Interview?

Tip #1: Read through the job description.

Before your interview, read through the job description carefully and highlight those areas you have the most experience with. Then think about your past or current job and what areas are most relevant to this role. When you focus on information that is pertinent to the potential employer and the specific job, you’ll be more likely to make a favorable impression.

Tip #2: Make a note of your past accomplishments.

Once you have a good sense of the areas to focus on, write down the specific results you achieved that are related. For instance, don’t just talk about how you answered phones all day and directed callers to the proper team member. Instead, say something such as, “In my current role, I manage a phone system with 10 lines, which can get quite hectic. However, I have a system in place for properly connecting each caller in a timely manner, even with many lines ringing at the same time.”

Tip #3: Practice ahead of time.

If you’re nervous about your interview, you’re not alone. Most people find job interviews stressful. The good news? With a little practice, you can calm those jitters down. Practice will help you feel more comfortable and confident during the interview. Even better, you can ask a friend or family member to record you during your practice session so you can see any areas you need to improve upon.

The bottom line? The more you can connect your past jobs to the one you’re applying for, the better. Look for relevant areas that are similar and focus on those during your job interview. You’ll set yourself apart and make a memorable impression in the process.

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