Are Pre-Employment Assessments Still Necessary?

During the hiring process, there are many ways to evaluate a job candidate. Gathering as much information as possible can help make your hiring decision clear. One of those tools is a pre-employment test. However, are these still relevant and if they are, how can you best put them to use? Here’s what to know.

Why Use Pre-Employment Testing?

When it comes to traditional resumes and cover letters, they don’t always lead to accurate information. Many candidates report lying on these documents or exaggerating the truth. Even a job interview can’t be solely relied on to make a hiring decision. Some candidates perform well in them, only to lag behind once on the job.

Enter the pre-employment test. These are an objective way to evaluate a candidate and whether they’d be a good fit for your job opening. With well-developed tests, you can truly get behind the candidate mask and uncover whether an individual has what it takes to hit the ground running at your company.

This not only helps you hire better candidates, but also enables you to build stronger teams over time. As a result, this has a positive impact on your company bottom line.

Hiring mistakes, on the other hand, can wind up costing you. Not only are you down a person, but it causes a hit to morale. Plus, you’re back to square one with hiring. This all adds up to more time, money, and resources dedicated to finding the right-fit candidate than you expected to spend.

Some other reasons to consider pre-employment testing when you’re hiring include:

Reduces turnover.

When you’re able to find better-fit candidates from the start, your company will experience less turnover. Employees will happier and more engaged, leading to higher retention rates.

Less expensive, time-consuming hiring process.

With a well-developed pre-employment test, you can actually hire faster since you’re able to quickly identify the right candidate and streamline the hiring process as a result.

Creates an equitable, objective hiring process.

With pre-employment testing in place, it’s often clear which candidate is the strongest one. In the process, you can rest assured your testing process is providing you with an objective and equitable way to hire.

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