5 Ways to Write a Job Description That Attracts Quality Candidates

When you’re about to starting hiring for a role, make sure you’re investing the time and effort to create a stellar job description. Too often, this is an afterthought and, as a result, doesn’t appeal to the best-fit people. If you want to hire right, make the process easier, and build a strong team, here are five tips for writing job descriptions.

How Can You Write Job Descriptions That Attracts Quality Candidates?

#1: Focus on the candidate.

Traditionally, most job descriptions tend to focus on the skill and qualification requirements of the job. However, in today’s candidate market, it’s more important than ever to balance that with information about why a candidate would want to consider your job opportunity. Talk about the perks or what makes your company unique. Focus on the difference between your company and the competition. Or showcase the culture in a unique way.

#2: Explain their purpose.

Today’s candidates also want to do more than simply perform tasks. They want to understand the bigger picture, where they fit in, and how they will be making contributions. So pull them in by explaining more about the purpose of the role and why it’s important to the company and its customers.

#3: Bring the job to life.

For instance, in the job description, include a link to your company social media profile or blog page where candidates can learn more about the company, the team, and the culture. When they are able to see it in action, they are able to better discern whether it’s the right fit for them. For you, this means more candidates who are better aligned with your needs will apply.

#4: Get insight from your people.

Before writing the job description, ask employees for their feedback. They can often offer insight that you might not have thought of, but that’s critical for candidates. At the same time, they can give you more of a detailed look into the ins and outs of the job, allowing you to provide more clarity to candidates in the job description.

#5: Be as transparent as possible.

Include a salary range and a look at the benefits so candidates can decide whether the job is right for them. Also, explain the steps of the hiring process and what to expect, so candidates know how it will work. Be as open and transparent as possible, so the right candidates apply.

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