What’s the Impact of AI on Recruiting?

Technology is changing at lightning speed. Currently, 24% of companies use artificial intelligence, or AI, to hire employees and 89% of HR professionals think AI will improve the candidate application process.

Most companies use AI for more mundane tasks, freeing up humans to perform roles that require strategy, planning, and creative solutions. This enables HR and recruitment teams to work more efficiently.

For instance, some ways AI can benefit recruitment teams include:

What Impact Will AI Have on Recruiting?

Faster hiring.

When you use AI during the hiring process, it can help in many ways, from crafting a job description to screening out resumes from poorly fit candidates. This enables recruiters to focus on the candidates who are a strong fit and offer them jobs faster.

More communication with candidates.

Candidates want communication from recruiters, and AI enables recruitment teams to reach out on a more regular basis. This can keep candidates in the loop, so they are less likely to walk away from your opportunity due to poor communication.

Reduced recruiting costs.

When you use AI for simple yet time-consuming tasks, like screening resumes, it can reduce the overall cost it takes for recruiting and hiring. With the hiring process is more cost-effective, this can improve bottom-line results for the company.

Improved candidate experience.

When you use AI during the recruiting process, it often leads to a better candidate experience. The process will be more efficient, so candidates can find out faster whether or not they got the job. There’s no more resume black hole or lack of communication for the company. Overall, this can improve your employer’s brand.

Tap the power of AI.

AI is a simple way to make the recruitment process faster, saving time and costs, while freeing up recruiters to focus on top priorities. It can also improve the candidate experience, as well.

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