Build an employee referral program.

Some of your best new hires will come to you through employee referrals. This is one of the simplest, most cost-efficient ways to hire. So make sure you’re building a robust referral program that encourages your people to provide you with referrals and also rewards them for a positive outcome.

Don’t forget about passive candidates.

Have there been candidates in the past you didn’t hire, but who impressed you? When you have a pipeline of these passive candidates in place, tap them when it’s time to hire again. Perhaps a better-fit opportunity just opened up at your company. Be ready to make a move and reach out to inquire about their interest in it.

Get expert help hiring.

If your recruiting efforts aren’t yielding the results you want, turn to an expert team. At OneSource Staffing Solutions, our recruitment firm can help you hire the people you need, fast. We’ll work with you to learn about your unique needs, challenges and goals, and then customize a cost-effective solution that delivers the best-fit candidates. Contact us today to get started.

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