How Recruiters Can Make the Candidate Experience Better

When you’re hiring for an open position, think beyond your company’s needs and evaluate the candidate experience. In today’s world, candidates expect a simple application process, communication about progress, and being treated with respect. If this isn’t the experience they’re having with you, then expect top performers to look elsewhere for a new job.

Not only that, but a poor candidate experience can impact your employer brand. Over time, candidates will come to know your company has having a stressful or frustrating candidate experience and avoid applying altogether. It’s why working toward a better experience is key.

To help you improve your candidate experience, here are some tips to follow.

How Can Recruiters Better the Candidate Experience?

Write a clear, compelling job description.

Don’t include every single requirement for the position. Instead, give a brief overview of expectations and qualifications, as well as the benefits and perks you offer to employees. This should not be a one-sided laundry list of your demands, but instead, a bigger-picture look at the job and your company.

Make the application process simple.

If the application keeps timing out or the process is long-winded and cumbersome, you’re going to lose out on the top candidates. So, before your next hire, evaluate the process and look for areas where you can streamline it. Keep in mind that you do not need to find out everything about a candidate at this point. You’re simply looking for a basic overview to assess fit.

Keep communication central.

Make communication a key part of the process rather than leaving candidates in the dark. If a candidate isn’t a good fit, let them know immediately. If you want to interview them, contact them as soon as possible. Keep them informed about next steps and when to expect a hiring decision.

Be prepared for interviews.

When you interview a candidate, be prepared with meaningful questions about their skills and background. Don’t wing it and think it will be a productive conversation. Also, give them an overview of the job, as well as the advantages of working at the company. Be open and transparent about challenges that come with the role and ask if they have questions.

Get expert help with your candidate experience.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to improve your candidate experience, turn to the team who can help. As a leading recruitment firm, OneSource Staffing Solutions can provide you with access to top-quality candidates who are an excellent fit for your job openings and company culture. We make hiring easy and the candidate experience a positive one. Contact us today to learn more.

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